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Couple of Rednecks Take Their Goat To a Goat Show!! #73

December 18, 2020

In today's Cog Hill Farm podcast we talk about our first true pet goat named Earl.  Earl was a Nubian dairy goat that we bought at a barn sale for a whopping $18! Earl the goat was in pretty bad shape, real skinny and sickly looking,  and so we brought Earl to the homestead and doctored and cared for him and got him to where a goat should be.  Earl became our favorite pet goat.  So much so earl was more like a pet dog than a dairy goat.  Well one year the county fair came and we saw that they had a goat show, and some friends of ours talked us into entering Earl in the county fair goat we did and we loaded Earl up into the SUV and we entered our first ever goat show for the Cog Hill Farm gang, and let me say, the goat show was nothing was what we thought, and this goat event did not go as planned!



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