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#4 Cogcast Podcast - Life on a Family Farm - Selling our Egg Layers, Our Pregnant Goat & Walmart Getting sued over Misleading Egg Labels

February 11, 2018

Life on our small family farm & homestead: In this week's cogcast podcast, I talk about us selling our egg layers, also we are going to redo how we raise our meat chickens, & relocate them to a new pasture, goat breeding & is our newest goar pregnant, & how Walmart is being sued for misleading the public by using the lable, Cage Free.


Hope you enjoyed this week's homestead weekly podcast....also remember 2 new youtube videos coming out this week, Monday & Friday, so stay tuned for those!

Thanks for listening to the Cogcast Podacst, & have the Best Day Ever!!

Jason Smith- The Dancing Farmer

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